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Curriculum Vitae

Current Employment:

I am a professor at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), Stanford University. I am also a member of Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL), Stanford University. MtFayTK07.png

Curriculum Vitae:

Education: University of Tokyo (BS in physics); Princeton University (PhD in physics)

Employment: Princeton University (postdoc); University of Tokyo (instructor, lecture, assoc. professor, professor); CERN (visiting scientist); DESY (visiting scientist); Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (visiting scientist); Hiroshima University (professor); Stanford University (professor)

Experimental Project: Quasi-free electron scattering at University of Tokyo Electron Synchrotron (PI); Exotic quark states at KEK Proton Synchrotron (PI); Electron-positron collider experiment (PEP4 TPC) at SLAC;  Electron-positron collider experiment (TOPAZ) at KEK (PI); Balloon experiment (Welcome) in Brazil (PI); Astro-E1 Hard X-ray Detector (PI); GLAST-Large Area Telescope (Instrument Design Lead)


Current Project Involvement

Large Area Telescope (LAT) of Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (aka GLAST):

Collaboration member; Senior Science Advisory Committee; Speaker's Bureau.  GLAST png

Links to related urls:

LAT project home at SLAC

LAT collaboration home at Stanford

GLAST Science Support Center at Goddard Space Flight Center

GLAST Mission home page at NASA.

Polarized Gamma-ray Observer - Light Version (PoGOLite):


Collaboration member; Principal InvestigatorPoGOLite png

Links to related urls:

PoGOLite Experiment home page.

Suzaku X-ray Astronomy Satellite (Suzaku):

HXD Team member; Suzaku Science Working GroupSuzaku png

Links to related urls:

Suzaku home page

Suzaku ISAS home page

Suzaku XIS home page

Suzaku HXD home page

Suzaku home page at Goddard Space Flight Center


Current Research Activities

I want to understand the entire cycle of cosmic-ray acceleration and interaction in our Universe. High-energy acceleration sites are likely to be extended and their analysis will not be easy. Deep and extensive observations with gamma-ray and X-ray observatories are essential for this, but not sufficient. With collaborators, I am collecting relevant observational data and casting them into a coherent multi-wavelength 3D model of a typical acceleration site like RXJ1713. Physics processes are being simulated to obtain spatially resolved gamma-ray and X-ray spectra over the extended source. In near future, the dark-matter annihilation signal will be searched in such multi-wavelength analyses. Please browse through my activities in such context.     

Interaction of Cosmic-Ray Protons with Inter-Steller Matter

Proton-proton interaction modeling including diffraction dissociation, scale violation and rising cross-section.                                    

Kamae, T., et al., 2005, ApJ 620, 244  

Parameterized model of proton-proton interaction including diffraction dissociation, scale violation, rising cross-section and resonance excitations. 

Kamae, T., et al., 2006, ApJ 647, 692; Errata 2007 ApJ 662, 779 

Parameterized model of gamma-ray angular distribution for proton-proton interaction.

Karlsson, N., & Kamae, T., 2008 ApJ 674, 278

Comprehensive Analyses of X-ray and Gamma-ray Emission at Cosmic-Ray Acceleration Sites

Python and C programs to compute spectra of secondary particles (cparamlib) can be downloaded (in preparation)

Proton contribution to excitation of Fe K-alpha X-ray lines. (T. Kamae et al.  in preparation)

Three dimensional modeling of X-ray and gamma-ray emissions in supernova remnants including non-linear diffusive shock acceleration. 

Lee, S.-H., Kamae, T., & Ellison, D. C., ApJ 686, 325 (2008)

Deconvolution of Suzaku XIS Iimages of Extended Sources

Deconvolution of Suzaku XIS Iimage.

Sugizaki, M., Kamae, T. and Maeda; Pub Astro Soc Japan 61, S55 (2009)

Application to selected supernova remnants

Detector Developments for Astrophysics and Accelerator Experiments

PoGOLite instrument overview.

Kamae, T., et al. Astroparticle Physics, Volume 30, p. 72

List of Publications (1990 - present)


Download Area

Archive of programs and data files shared by T.K. and collaborators

Kurita Techno

Download Honda Model results: abs(LAT)<30, zenith angle <0.2 rad: A, B, C

Parametrized secondary particle spectra for pp interaction, cparamlib

Anisotropic inverse Compton spectrum calculator

PP->pii0 emission by Galactic CR near Vela: Av  Wco  IRAS  HIR7

Resources for Galactic diffuse emission study with LAT

Resources for study on local molecular clouds: General, Orion clouds, Rho-Ophiucus, Taurus, Chameleon

GRBanalysis: Data  LittleNoise ObsAnalysis

Lecture notes on selected research topics made available by authors

Galactic diffuse emission, cosmic ray propagation and GALPROP

3D Galaxy Models


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