Disk Space

Information on the disk space available to KIPAC members.

There are several kinds of disk space available at SLAC:
  • Your home directory space. Visible anywhere in the world with a suitably configured AFS client. Introduction to AFS disk space at SLAC. Backed up. Usually about a GB in size, and unlikely to be made larger.
  • AFS data space. This is like your home space, only larger. Usually not backed up. Hosted on various afs servers (see table). Path /afs/slac/g/ki/{ki##,users}.
  • NFS data space. Visible from SLAC NFS clients (ie most SLAC machines). Usually backed up. Hosted on various file servers (Solaris: sulky, wain). Path /nfs/slac/g/ki/ki##.
  • Local space on your desktop. Path usually /u1/username. Only visible from your desktop. Not backed up.

See also SLAC Unix Disk Space.

Need more disk space? Talk to Stuart.


AFS home directories are backed up. The version from midnight is accessible through the .backup link in your home directory, as described in the "AFS Backup" section of the SLAC Unix Backup page.

Most KIPAC AFS data space is not backed up. To check if your AFS space is backed up, run: fs lq /path/to/your/afs/space. If the output says that the "Volume Name" begins with an uppercase G, then the space is not backed up. If the volume name begins with a lowercase g, then the space is backed up - see the "AFS Backup" section of the SLAC Unix Backup page.

KIPAC NFS space is backed up to tape, using TSM. Retains one or two versions of an existing file. Retains a deleted file for up to a month. Here are the technical details. If you need to restore from a TSM backup, contact unix-admin.

NB: Files under a nobackup directory are excluded from the TSM backup. Please help us save valuable resources by putting non-important files under a nobackup directory, so we do not waste space backing them up.

If you are interesting in archiving/offlining/backing up some of your own files, see the astore howto.

KIPAC SLAC disk space

NFS space


Name Host Size % Used % Inodes Used Free Subdirs
ki01 wain027 32TB - - - -
ki02 wain001 16TB - - - -
ki03 wain002 16TB - - - -
ki04 wain010 32TB - - - -
ki05 wain023 32TB - - - -
ki06 wain040 32TB - - - -
ki07 wain041 32TB - - - -
ki08 wain009 26.6TB - - - -
ki09 sulky37 4.6T 92% 96% 384G 15
ki10 wain042 32TB - - - -
ki12 sulky38 4.6T 100% 91% 42G 17
ki13 sulky38 4.6T 96% 58% 186G 16
haggles sulky37 4.6T 77% 21% 1.1T 16
work surrey10 60G 0% 1% 60G 1
Total: 269T (2T free)

AFS space


Name Host Size % Used Free Subdirs
ki01 afs04 4G 23% 3G 8
ki02 afs101 76G 45% 42G 4
ki04 afs101 19G 39% 12G 8
users afs02 10M 1% 10M 10
users/arasmus afs101 95G 14% 82G 2
users/drapetti afs101 95G 41% 56G 5
users/eabaltz afs101 143G 76% 34G 5
users/gmorris afs101 72G 4% 69G 12
users/jrpeters afs103 429G 90% 43G 1
users/kanderss afs101 191G 98% 4G 2
users/pjm afs103 215G 46% 115G 1
users/rrgupta afs101 191G 92% 15G 6
users/shmakova afs101 72G 25% 54G 7
Total: 2T (529G free)

Statistics updated: 01 Sep 2010

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