GRB Journal Club

Stanford Astro/CSSA/KIPAC/SLAC - bi-weekly discussion of new papers and developments in the field of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Review Papers on GRBs

review papers that might be useful for reference

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Format of the meetings

The purpose of this journal club is to discuss interesting new papers on gamma-ray bursts and new developments in the field. The meetings are held every two weeks, on Fridays at 11:30 (just after the morning coffee), at the FKB 2nd floor conference room. One week before each meeting an email will be sent out (and this web site would be updated) with the papers to be discussed in that meeting. This will be based on suggestions from the participants, that can be sent to <granot (at)> before the one week deadline prior to each meeting. Each paper will be briefly presented by someone (typically the person who suggested it, but not necessarily, so don't be afraid to suggest papers even if you do not feel comfortable presenting them) followed by a general discussion. People are encouraged to ask questions, and/or offer their opinions. If new and exciting papers come out within the week prior to the meeting they can be briefly mentioned at the meeting (as "Target of opportunity" new hot papers), and then as appropriate they could be discussed in more detail in the following meeting. Participants are also encouraged to discuss their new work in this forum, and could hopefully get some useful feedback.

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25 August 2006

The first meeting of the journal club: nearby long GRBs with no apparent supernova

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15 September 2006

Photospheric component in the prompt emission

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29 September 2006

Prospects for inferring the cosmological parameters: GRBs as standardizable candles?

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13 October 2006

Swift Early X-ray Afterglows: 1. initial steep decay and flares

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27 October 2006

Swift Early X-ray Afterglows: 2. the flat decay phase

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10 November 2006

Why are there so few jet breaks in the Swift era?

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1 December 2006

Short-hard GRB: I. host galaxies & redshift distribution

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15 December 2006

Short-hard GRB: II. afterglows

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19 January 2007

High-energy neutrinos from GRBs (lead by Shigehiro Nagataki)

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16 February 2007

Short-hard GRBs: III. Spectrum of Prompt Emission (lead by Jay Norris)

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2 March 2007

Optical/X-ray Absorption Along Sight Lines to GRBs (lead by Nat Butler)

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16 March 2007

The metalicity of GRB host galaxies (lead by Saurabh Jha)

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