Big Questions in Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology

To celebrate KIPAC's 10th anniversary, we invited some of the people leading the way in our main areas of research to spend a week with us, looking back at what we've learned in the last 10 years and ahead to the challenges we'll face in the next 10 years, as we all try and find answers to the big questions of particle astrophysics and cosmology.

You can catch up on what happened here, at the KIPAC@10 conference blog, as KIPAC's researchers post some of their recollections from the meeting.

  1. Tuesday morning, September 3rd, 2013:  Where Did That Come From? Particle acceleration in the Universe

  2. Tuesday afternoon, September 3rd, 2013:  What is the Dark Matter?

  3. Wednesday morning, September 4th, 2013:  Whatever Next? Compact objects as physics laboratories

  4. Wednesday afternoon, September 4th, 2013:  How Did We Get Here? Galaxy evolution across cosmic time

  5. Thursday morning, September 5th, 2013:  How Will We Know What We Know? Inference in the era of Big Data

  6. Friday morning, September 6th, 2013:  What's the Dark Energy? Cosmic accelerometry and plausible hypotheses

  7. Friday afternoon, September 6th, 2013:  Is This All There Is? Understanding inflation in precision cosmology


All the talks are now available online at the KIPAC youtube channel.

During the meeting itself, you could have followed what was happening on Twitter via the hashtag #KIPAC10 - here's a storified version of the feed.