Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis

As part of the Computational Physics Department, KIPAC's visualization and data analysis facilities provide hardware and software solutions that help users at KIPAC and SLAC to analyze their large-scale scientific data sets. Examples include interactive real-time 3D visualization methods for state-of-the-art numerical computational fluid dynamics and N-body simulations and tiled-display systems for high-resolution astrophysical image data. With its stereoscopic 3D presentations, KIPAC is also actively contributing to the public outreach program at Stanford and SLAC.

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The current visualization facilities at KIPAC include • a (4m x 2.5m) stereo-projection driven by 2 full-HD projectors • a tiled display with 5x3 monitors (effective resolution 5400x5760 pixels)and a GPU cluster with 4 nodes •Dual quad-core Intel Xeon E5540 CPUs at 2.53GHz 48GB of RAM •Two Tesla 1060 (non-Fermi) GPUs (each with 240 cores and 4GB of RAM) CUDA/OpenCL 3.1 drivers installed