Equity and Inclusion

KIPAC is strongly committed to providing an inclusive environment that provides equitable opportunities for all of its members to do their best work, and strives to support efforts to diversity the profession through its hiring practices, through training and mentoring diverse groups of students and postdocs, and through bringing the excitement of science to diverse audiences.

KIPAC members are deeply engaged in the equity and inclusion efforts of the broader physics community, and in similar issues at SLAC.  Current KIPAC Director Risa Wechsler facilitated development of the Physics Department's E&I strategic plan with the E&I committee in 2016-2018; KIPAC Deputy Director Bruce Macintosh currently chairs this committee.  The committee's activities, which have been in many cases spearheaded by KIPAC members including students and postdocs, include educational seminars and regular discussion of E&I topics through a reading group.

We have a current task force (including students, postdocs, staff, and faculty) looking at additional equity, inclusion, and climate issues that are specific to KIPAC.