Cosmology Seminar

Cosmology Seminars are held on Mondays at 11 am, on the 3rd floor Varian conference room. These are more focused and less didactic than the colloquium, and provide a stage for younger researchers to present their work in more detail.  

Please contact Sandy Yuan, Delon Shen, or Risa Wechsler for more information.

Automation of finding strong lenses in large scale surveys with U-DenseLens


Campus, Varian 355

Bharath Chowdhary Nagam (University of Groningen) In Person

Detecting strong lenses in a large dataset such as Euclid is very challenging due to the unbalanced nature of dataset. Existing CNN models are producing large amount of false positives, for example one strong lens candidate will be accompanied by 100's of false positives in the final sample. To over come this challenge, we have developed a novel ML pipeline called DenseLens, which consists of three components namely Classification ensemble, Regression ensemble and Segmentation.