Cosmology from CMB lensing cross-correlations with galaxy clustering from unWISE

Jun 02, 2023 - 10:40 am to 11:30 am

SLAC, Kavli 3rd Floor Conf. Room

Gerrit Farren (University of Cambridge) In Person and zoom

Zoom info:

I will present work on measuring cosmology, in particular structure growth, using cross-correlations between CMB lensing reconstructions and galaxy clustering from the unWISE galaxy catalog. I will focus on highlighting the improvements we have made to the modelling and analysis pipeline compared to previous work on the cross-correlation between Planck lensing and unWISE by some of my collaborators (Krolewski et al. 2021). I will show the results from our reanalysis of Planck lensing x unWISE which yields highly competitive constraints on structure growth. Finally, I will present an outlook to our most recent work on performing a comparable analysis with the upcoming Atacama Cosmology Telescope Data Release 6 lensing reconstruction.