Dark Energy: Past, Present, and Future

Feb 26, 2024 - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200 and online - Register here

Dr. Sandy (Sihan) Yuan (KIPAC/Stanford)

Dark Energy: Past, present and future

Dark Energy was initially suggested as an explanation for the accelerated expansion of the cosmos, yet its true nature remains unknown. In this lecture, we will explore this mysterious aspect of the Universe alongside the human stories of discovery. We will begin by revisiting the discovery of the expanding Universe and the rise of the Big Bang and the cosmic inflation. I will then discuss the motivation for dark energy and its current state of study, including emerging inconsistencies in our measurement of the expansion rate of the Universe from different probes. Finally, we will look ahead to future experiments and theoretical considerations that can help refine our understanding of the Universe.

Sandy Yuan

About the Speaker

Dr. Sandy Yuan is a KIPAC postdoctoral fellow at Stanford, seeking to understand the observable galaxies and the unobservable dark Universe with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument survey. He specializes in building large simulations of the Universe and developing sophisticated statistical models that allow us to enhance our understanding of dark matter, dark energy, and the birth and growth of massive galaxies. Before moving to Stanford, Sandy received his PhD from Harvard where he studied the relationship between galaxies and the underlying dark matter. He grew up in China and is also an avid tennis player and dance music aficionado.

Directions and Parking

This event will take place in the Hewlett Teaching Center (370 Jane Stanford Way) on the Stanford campus. Upon arrival, please check in in the foyer of the building and follow signs for Room 200.

The closest visitor parking is in the Via Ortega Garage and along the Stanford Oval. All parking is free in spaces marked Visitor, A, or C after 4pm unless indicated otherwise. Accessible parking is also available along the Stanford Oval.

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