About Event Series

KIPAC co-hosts the Astrophysics Colloquium, held both at campus and SLAC at 11 a.m. on Thursdays.  The location can be found on our events calendar.  All interested parties are welcome to attend, and food is served.  

Please contact Becky CanningAri Cukierman, Daniel Gruen and Greg Madejski for more information.

Cosmology Seminars are held at on Mondays at 11 am during the academic year, on the 3rd floor Varian conference room. These are more focused and less didactic than the colloquium, and provide a stage for younger researchers to present their work in more detail.  

Please contact Risa WechslerDaniel GruenJosh Meyers, or Kyle Story for more information.

Advanced Instrumentation Seminars (AIS) cover topics of interest to the broad cummunity of experimenters at SLAC. Invited speakers represent all facets of technology related to SLAC research including accelerator instrumentation, detectors for both accelerator-based HEP and particle astropysics, and the instrumentation required for a new generations of photon science.

Time and location TBD.

For announcements, subscribe to the the astro-mass mailing list.

MASS is a forum for graduate students in astronomy and astrophysics to discuss important ideas which nevertheless tend to be absent from classes, colloquia, and tea talks. It is intended to provide a crash course in the theoretical, observational, and experimental aspects of many areas of astrophysics and an informal setting in which to discuss our own work. Undergrads and non-astro types are welcome to join. Postdocs and faculty are also welcome; however, the content of the meetings will be aimed at students who are learning the methods of astronomy and astrophysics for the first time.