Fundamental Physics in Cislunar Space

Apr 30, 2018 - 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

Campus, Spilker 232

Makan Mohageg (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Quantum Sciences and Technology Group)

Organized by Stanford OSA/SPIE Student Chapter

Refreshments at 4 PM.


Abstract: NASA plans to establish a moon-orbiting, crewed space station called the Lunar Orbiting Platform-Gateway.  The Gateway will host science missions subtending multiple technical disciplines.   A moon-orbiting platform provides unique opportunities to address fundamental questions related to quantum mechanics and gravity.  This concept, and other preliminary mission concepts in the area of quantum and atomic physics, will be reviewed.  A programmatic overview of notional timelines and budgets for the Gateway mission will also be presented.


Biography: Makan Mohageg is a technologist at JPL.  He has spent his career transitioning low TRL concepts out of the optics laboratory and into fielded systems.  His area of experience includes high energy pulsed and CW lasers, microwave photonics filters, whispering gallery mode resonators, precision timing and navigation, quantum optics, optical communications, and orbital mechanics.