Intro to Data Structures

Apr 03, 2020 - 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Sean McLaughlin (KIPAC) via zoom

Join us this Friday, April 3rd at 3pm exclusively on zoom for the next meeting of the Stats and ML Journal Club. This week, Sean McLaughlin (me) will be leading a discussion on a slightly different topic, an introduction to data structures. It will be very useful prep for any future technical interview you may have on the horizon, but I also promise there will be something in there that will make your code faster regardless! 


The details of data structures are not usually accessible to people without a formal CS education, and they rarely seem directly relevant. However even if you're unlikely to implement a linked list of your own, understanding some basic concepts can give you a huge leg up when it comes to making your code faster and more efficient. Not to mention, now you'll be a pro at all those coding interviews! I'll be going over a few basic data structures and some of their properties, including but not limited to linked lists, hash maps, and binary trees.