Low mass galaxies beyond the Milky Way with LSST

Dec 05, 2022 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Campus, Varian 355

Shany Danieli (Princeton University) https://stanford.zoom.us/j/824047074?pwd=MVpMdDR1Wk9yVW9FcEVuUmMrK2JWQT09

Zoom info: https://stanford.zoom.us/j/824047074?pwd=MVpMdDR1Wk9yVW9FcEVuUmMrK2JWQT09

The number densities, structures, internal dynamics, and stellar populations of low mass galaxies can be extremely insightful for studying dark matter and galaxy formation on small scales. Access to these low mass galaxies beyond the Local Group has been limited due to their low surface brightness. I will present recent observational efforts to systematically map the properties of low mass galaxies beyond our local neighborhood, uncovering their significant diverseness and new astrophysical puzzles. The discussion will focus on how we can best utilize the Rubin LSST photometric data to compile a catalog of nearby low surface brightness, including their identification, photometric characterization, and distances. We will also discuss potential synergies with other imagining and spectroscopic surveys optimized for low mass galaxies science, as well as ideas for follow-up programs that will enable a range of science cases related to low mass galaxies.