Stress-Testing the Cold Dark Matter Paradigm

Nov 19, 2020 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Priya Natarajan (Yale) via zoom

Zoom Recording

The key elusive cosmic constituents - dark matter, dark energy and black holes - play a fundamental role in shaping the visible universe. In this talk, I will discuss the current status of our understanding of dark matter and the key open questions. Gravitational lensing by clusters of galaxies offers a powerful way to map dark matter and the high quality of current data permits detailed comparison with simulations of structure formation. Current deep Hubble Space Telescope data in combination with ground-based follow-up spectroscopy permit the construction of high-resolution lensing derived maps of dark matter that can be used to stress-test the cold dark matter model. I will present results from recent work that reveal tensions between the predictions of the standard cold dark matter theory and observations of cluster lenses.