Maria Elena Monzani

Lead Scientist, SLAC

Maria Elena Monzani is a dark matter data wrangler. She manages the data processing pipeline for the Fermi-LAT and the computing and software operations for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment. LZ is an instrument that is superlative in many ways. It consists of 10 tons of liquified xenon gas, maintained at almost atomic purity and stored in a refrigerated titanium cylinder a mile underground in a former gold mine in Lead, South Dakota. The experiment is slated to acquire 5 PB of data over its lifetime (or 5 billion particle interactions). Due to their elusive nature, only a handful of dark matter particles would be discovered in the process. Finding those particles is an extreme "needle in a haystack" challenge, requiring an unprecedented level of analytical prowess and statistical accuracy. In addition to providing the computing infrastructure required to analize such a large dataset, Maria Elena collaborates with computational engineers to develop advanced Machine Learning algorithms, that could sharpen our ability to identify ultra rare anomalies in massive datasets.

KIPAC Senior Member
(650) 926-2766
Fred Kavli Building