COVID Protocols

Last modified on September 1, 2022

Vaccination and Testing Requirements

SLAC and Stanford University require all faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, unless granted a medical or religious accommodation. Individuals must upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card into Health Check indicating a single dose of the one-dose COVID vaccine (Johnson & Johnson/Janssen) or the second dose of a two-dose COVID vaccine (e.g. Pfizer or Moderna) was administered before or by January 4, 2022.

For faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars who are vaccinated for COVID-19, Stanford suspended the requirement of weekly asymptomatic surveillance testing on March 1, 2022. For fully vaccinated and boosted students (undergraduates, graduate students and students enrolled in professional school programs), required weekly testing will continue through the end of winter quarter and the first two weeks of spring quarter, then likewise will be suspended.

We strongly recommend that you test whenever you are experiencing symptoms, concerned about possible exposure or returning to campus from travel. Color testing will continue to be available, up to two tests per week, for anyone who wishes to continue to use Color for regular asymptomatic testing.

More details on testing and other COVID-19 updates

Vaccination and testing requirements for Stanford visitors can be found here. Stanford visitors include temporary community members, such as visiting scholars and researchers, as well as non-essential visitors and members of the public. 

Face Covering Requirements

On Stanford campus, effective March 2, 2022:

With certain exceptions, face coverings will no longer be required but will continue to be strongly recommended on-site, regardless of vaccination status.

In classrooms, face coverings will continue to be required pending further review. However, individuals may remove face coverings while speaking.

Unvaccinated employees should continue to wear face coverings indoors, in compliance with Cal-OSHA workplace requirements that currently remain in effect.

At SLAC, effective August 22, 2022

Indoor masking will no longer be required but will be strongly recommended at SLAC. N95s, KN95s and surgical masks will remain available for use; cloth masks (without a surgical mask underneath) will be permitted.

Masking is still required on Marguerite shuttles and inside the Occupational Health Center office suites in Building 28. In alignment with DOE requirements, masking will still be required in all government vehicles with more than one occupant.

PAB Building Access

Doors to the building are open to everyone between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Access during evenings (after 5:30) and weekends are restricted to building occupants only.

FKB Building Access and SLAC Protocols

SLAC Badges have been turned back on for people who have taken courses 100R and 219R.  If you need a SLAC badge, please contact Martha Siegel to start the process.

Screening and testing

The required weekly COVID surveillance testing for SLAC employees who are not fully vaccinated will be discontinued.

The voluntary Color testing program will remain available to all SLAC employees working on site. It remains an important screening tool, especially for those who are experiencing symptoms, have had close contact with someone who tested positive, or are following post-travel requirements. Test kits can be picked up from the SUSB lobby (Building 53) and dropped off outside Buildings 53 and 28.

Site access for visitors

Visitors, users, contractors and vendors will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to access the site. SLAC hosts should remind their visitors not to come on site while COVID-positive or experiencing COVID-related symptoms.


Vaccination status will no longer be required when submitting a travel request.

When returning from any domestic or international travel:

  • You must wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask for five days post-travel while on site.
  • You may return to on-site work without work activity restrictions, regardless of vaccination status.
  • You must self-monitor for COVID symptoms for 10 days post-travel. If you develop symptoms, you must stay off site, update your status in Health Check, and test for COVID.

After domestic travel, we recommend testing (via Color or an at-home rapid antigen test) 3-5 days after your return. Masking is optional if you test negative.

After international travel, you are required to test (via Color or an at-home rapid antigen test) no earlier than on Day 5 after your return. Until cleared by a negative COVID test, or during the next 10 days post-travel, we advise you to maintain a physical distance of six feet from others in situations where colleagues are unmasked, including when you are eating or drinking. Use of the Arrillaga Recreation Center at SLAC (ARCAS) is permitted, but a well-fitting mask must be worn.

Note: If you choose not to test after returning from international travel, you must wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask at ARCAS and minimize close proximity to others while at SLAC for 10 days post-travel.

Protocols that remain unchanged:

  • Never come to SLAC if you test positive for COVID or are experiencing COVID-related symptoms. In either situation, you must update Health Check and follow the actions provided. Continue to report close contact exposures as well.
  • Any new employees working on site or those returning to site for the first time must complete the COVID training course 100R
  • Masking is not required, but strongly recommended. You are encouraged to continue wearing a mask indoors or outdoors if you prefer to do so, especially when meeting in large groups. Masks are available through building managers.
  • Masking is still required on Marguerite shuttles, in the Occupational Health Center office suite (in Building 28) and in government vehicles with more than one occupant.
  • In situations where masking is required, N95s, KN95s or surgical masks must be used. Cloth masks alone are not permitted but can be worn with a surgical mask underneath.
  • While events and gatherings of more than 50 participants no longer require DOE approval, they do still require ES&H approval of a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and all events must follow current SLAC COVID safety protocols (see updated In-person Meeting Protocols in internal SLAC site).

For more detailed information, please see the COVID-19 Resource Center at SLAC (internal SLAC site) and email with any questions.