Prospective Graduate Students

KIPAC members are involved in answering a wide range of exciting and fundamental questions in astrophysics and cosmology (see our current research and KIPAC faculty research interest). The department pursues its research goals through every avenue -- from developing the theoretical framework with both analytical and numerical methods, to strengthening those frameworks through the design and construction of innovative instruments with the power to unlock the mysteries of the Universe, and through careful observations and data analysis of a wide range of topics with a broad range of wavelengths, from radio to gamma rays! As a new graduate student at KIPAC you can take full advantage of this diversity and wealth of knowledge, experience and opportunities.

The aim of KIPAC and the Stanford Physics Department is to provide graduate students with research experiences early in their career. Students have the option of doing a research rotation with a different faculty member each quarter.  KIPAC graduate students are typically immersed in research projects straight away allowing them to gain valuable breadth in knowledge and research practices.

This page lists many of the rotation opportunities available in KIPAC. However, this is not a complete list so feel free to contact anyone in KIPAC about research opportunities. A list of  research positions at KIPAC and information about how to apply to be a graduate student with the Stanford Physics Department is here.

If you have already been admitted to the graduate program in Physics, please take a look our information for new KIPAC members and we look forward to welcoming you to KIPAC soon!