From the Director

KIPAC was founded in 2003 to bridge the disciplines of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and particle physics, and to serve as a bridge between the vibrancy of Stanford University and the unique capabilities of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. We have more than 150 faculty, staff, postdocs, and students who are engaged in the biggest questions about how the Universe works. What is the Universe made of, how does it evolve from the earliest moments to the present day? What are the laws of physics governing the Universe and the objects in it? How do galaxies, black holes, stars, and planets form, function, and evolve? 

This is an incredible time to have the privilege to ask and begin to answer these questions. KIPAC researchers have recently put new limits on the nature of dark matter and dark energy, characterized the properties of extrasolar planets around hundreds of nearby stars, and made new discoveries about black holes and gamma-ray bursts. The next few years promise to be at least if not even more exciting as KIPAC scientists design and build new instruments and develop new ways to explore our Universe and the physics that drives us.

The strength of KIPAC comes from our community, including the amazing ideas of our faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and students and from the ways we learn from each other to innovate and develop new directions. It also comes from engaging with the broader community, with regular visitors that bring new ideas and expertise, and through lectures and outreach activities with the general public.

The Universe is full of surprises, and KIPAC members are excited to have a front seat to discovering them. We hope that you will join us on this incredible journey.

-- Risa Wechsler, KIPAC Director

Risa Wechsler, KIPAC Director
Risa Wechsler, Director