We meet twice weekly for "KIPAC tea" (on Campus at 11am on Tuesdays, and at SLAC at 10:30am on Fridays) to discuss recent hot papers and other news items, and to hear a short talk. We intend KIPAC tea talks to raise awareness of each other's activities, and provide a stage for the presentation of interesting new results, an upcoming conference paper, or a particular problem that would best be tackled with help from other KIPAC members. By keeping the atmosphere friendly and informal, these talks hopefully help to improve communication across the institute. The carrot is finding out what others are up to (and hopefully being entertained in the process). The stick is that everyone is expected to contribute at some point.

Upcoming Tea Talks

Campus, PAB 102/103

SLAC, Building 053, 1st Floor, Trinity Conference Room (must have SLAC badge to be on site)

Past Tea Talks