Ari Cukierman

Ari Cukierman

KIPAC Fellow

I have broad interests in science and technology related to the cosmic microwave background (CMB). I am affiliated with several collaborations including BICEP, the Simons Observatory, the South Pole Telescope and CMB Stage 4. These experiments are involved in the search for primordial gravitational waves, a potentially detectable signal from the epoch of cosmic inflation, and the mapping of large-scale structure. The same datasets can be used to search for dark matter and to characterize the interstellar medium. I additionally contribute to the integration, testing and deployment of new microwave receivers and to the development of new readout and detector technologies, especially microwave multiplexing.

I received my PhD in 2018 at UC Berkeley, where I worked on prototype detectors for future CMB experiments. Here is a link to my dissertation.

For several years now, I've been keeping notes on topics in theoretical physics. The notes have grown to such a size that I feel compelled to share them, so here is a link to my Notes on Physics. If you find errors, ambiguities or typos, please tell me.

Research Projects