Dustin Schroeder

Associate Professor of Geophysics and of Electrical Engineering

Dustin focuses on advancing the scientific and technical foundations of geophysical ice penetrating radar and its use in observing and understanding the interaction of ice and water in the solar system. He is primarily interested in the subglacial and englacial conditions of rapidly changing ice sheets and their contribution to global sea level rise. However, a growing secondary focus of my work is the exploration of icy moons. He is also interested in the development and application of science-optimized geophysical radar systems. Dustin is a radio glaciologist and strives to approach problems from both an earth system science and a radar system engineering perspective. He is actively engaged with the flow of information through each step of the observational science process; from instrument and experiment design, through data processing and analysis, to modeling and inference. This allows him to draw from a multidisciplinary set of tools to test system-scale and process-level hypotheses.

KIPAC Senior Member