Noah Kurinsky

Staff Scientist, SLAC

Noah grew up outside of Boston, and did his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics and Astrophysics at Tufts University. He subsequently got his PhD from Stanford in 2018 working on the SuperCDMS experiment, using new detector concepts to probe sub-GeV dark matter. The primary focus of his thesis work was precise modeling of phonon transport in cryogenic crystals, which allowed for the development and optimization of single-electron sensitive massive calorimeters. From 2018-2021, Noah was a Lederman Fellow at Fermilab, where he spearheaded efforts to combine concepts from quantum information science and particle physics to open new windows into the study of dark matter. He joined SLAC in fall 2021, starting a new lab focused on meV-GeV mass dark matter detection with quantum sensors. Noah is a member of the SuperCDMS collaboration, a founding member of the BREAD axion search experiment, and leads R&D programs into novel qubit architectures and advanced techniques for phonon and photon sensing in low-background environments.

KIPAC Senior Member
Fred Kavli Building